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If you don't have institutional access but would like free copies of these works, please contact me!




Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2021). Ambient affiliation, misinformation and moral panic: Negotiating social bonds in a YouTube internet hoax. Discourse & Communication. 15(3). 


Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2021). Ideology, attitudinal positioning, and the blockchain:
A social semiotic approach to understanding the values construed in the whitepapers of blockchain start-ups. Social Semiotics 

Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2022). A Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach to Analysing White Supremacist and Conspiratorial Discourse on YouTube. The Communication Review: Special Issue on Mediatizations of Societal Threats in the Information Age.

Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2023). Conspiracy Theories and White Supremacy on YouTube: Exploring Affiliation and Legitimation Strategies in YouTube Comments. Social Media + Society, MISDOOM Conference Special Issue: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Mis- and Disinformation Studies. 





Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2022). The ID2020 Conspiracy Theory in YouTube Video Comments during COVID-19: Bonding Around Religious, Political, and Technological Discourses. Conspiracy Theory Discourses. Edited by Massimiliano Demata, Virginia Zorzi and Angela Zottola. Amsterdam: John Benjamins - Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture Series, pp. 241-266.

Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (2023). The Marriages of Celebrity Politicians: A Social Semiotic Approach to How Commenters Affiliate around YouTube Gossip Videos. A Gossip Politic. Edited by Andrea McDonnell and Adam Silver. Palgrave Macmillan - Rhetoric, Politics and Society Series.

Inwood, O. & Zappavigna, M. (under review). Attitudes about Propaganda and Disinformation: Identifying Discursive Personae in YouTube Comment Sections. Routledge Handbook of Discourse and Disinformation. Edited by Stefania Maci, Massimiliano Demata, Mark McGlashan and Philip Seargeant. Routledge. (Expected publication 2023).


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